The Home of High Hand Nursery, High Hand Cafe

and the Historic High Hand Fruit Shed


  Nursery ~ 916-652-2065 (ext.1)       Cafe ~  916-652-2064 (ext.2)

           Mon – Sat  10-5 pm / Sun  10-4 pm                Tues – Frid   11-3 pm / Sat – Sun  9-3 pm

  From our Farm to your Home


Farm fresh produce available at High Hand Cafe and High Hand Fruit Shed

Maple Rock Farm





If you buy a new plant before a new pair of shoes; if your idea of bliss is a day spent puttering in your yard; if a visit to a nursery is your own personal stress relief; if digging in the dirt beats a manicure any day then you are a gardener. If you get a thrill from discovering new, interesting and unique plants, then you are a GARDEN REBEL!

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