Looking forward and Reflecting back

Think back to last year at this time.  Where was your mind set as it pertained to the subject of water and your landscaping?  There was no rain in the forecast and what did fall evaporated on the pavement.  The governor was standing in the middle of a grassy patch in...

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Pruning Trees and more…


Join me in the sheds and we’re going to have a discussion. Topics will be:

– Pruning
– Irrigation systems
– Watering needs
– Whatever else you might want to talk about
Space is limited so please register on-line at www.highhand.com.
Come Saturday, February 27th at 10:00 a.m.. We’ll talk about dirt and ladybugs. Register online

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Happy Thanksgiving from High Hand

HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM HIGH HAND Time sure does go by fast, doesn't it? It seems like yesterday we were talking about drought and today we are on the tail end of our fourth storm. A warm fall has given way to a cold, wet start to winter. As a cold winter settles in...

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All I wanted to do was garden

If you're familiar with High Hand Nursery, then you know we are always changing. We are continually trying to come up with new ideas that can change your perception of the nursery. Kind of like, "Hmmm, there's something different about you, but I really can't put my...

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Change is inevitable

Change comes in many ways. When I was younger, I didn't quite understand change. It was a huge shock to my system when my brother (caution, spoiler alert) told me that Santa Claus wasn't real. My world had just turned upside down. My mother tried to smooth it over by...

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Rhubarb isn’t my thing!

I have spent the entire last two years obsessing about a few things. If you are a Garden Rebel, a.k.a. a plant freak like me, we probably have the same obsession. On the retail nursery side, I have been cool, calm and collected, positive and upbeat. The language of my...

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“Smart Water Tips from Scott”

Scott Paris of High Hand Nursery says, “STAY CALM. It’s only for 15 weeks. You’ve got the water, use it wisely.” Scott explains how, by utilizing the functions on your irrigation timer, your yard can get through this summer of California’s drought, using limited water until the fall rains come back. He also has tips for superior drip irrigation systems, moisture-enhancing products, and the benefits of mulch…and the downside of fertilizers in a drought.

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Garden Success in a Drought? YES! ~ Part 2

Garden Success in a Drought? Yes! Part 2 On this edition of High Hand University, Farmer Fred ask Giselle Schoniger, Kellogg Garden Products Organic Instructor, the question on the minds of every California gardener right now: “Can You Have Garden Success in a Drought?” With an emphatic, “Yes!”, Gisele Schoniger explains how to create healthy soil, enabling your plants to better withstand a drought. We’re talking the real poop here, folks: compost, mulch and more! Fred

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Gardening Success During a Drought? YES! ~ Part 1

Garden Success in a Drought? Yes! Part 1
On this edition of High Hand University, Farmer Fred answers his own question emphatically: “Garden Success in a Drought? Yes!” And he has the proof. Joining him onstage for even more proof:

Don Franklin of Hunter Industries (http://hunterindustries.com) talks about the latest in water-saving sprinkler heads; smart irrigation control boxes that take all the guesswork out of wondering if your lawn needs water; and, the innovative Eco-Mat, a subsurface drip irrigation system for lawns. High Hand Nursery’s own Scott Paris shows off low-water use, easy care, beautiful plants, including geraniums, salvias, butterfly bushes, barberries, guara, digiplexis and the amazing lawn substitute, Kurapia

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