The Mysterious Tomato

For some reason I've never jumped on the bandwagon of really diving into growing tomatoes. The tomato is one of the most popular garden vegetables that anyone can grow. I say "vegetable" loosely because it's actually classified as a fruit, but that's a different...

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Spring is Slowly Springing

While Spring has sprung, it appears to be slowly springing. Oh my gosh! It's official. I am officially tired of rain. To solve my doomy, gloomy springless Spring, I took a walk through the nursery. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'm going to hit you...

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Don’t be a Grumpy Gardener

OMG! That's an acronym for MORE rain. I'm getting grumpy. My soil is soggy. My fields are too wet to go into for farming. My peach trees have leaf curl despite being sprayed and cared for by a professional. I slipped on a slug. And on top of all this, I can't plant my...

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Belly Up to the Bar

I was sitting in the nursery last night for a moment thinking about how far High Hand has come when I spotted an old friend across the way.  Very seldom thought of.  I saw a plant I planted two years ago and forgot about. To my left I saw some Japanese Maples leaning...

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Looking forward and Reflecting back

Think back to last year at this time.  Where was your mind set as it pertained to the subject of water and your landscaping?  There was no rain in the forecast and what did fall evaporated on the pavement.  The governor was standing in the middle of a grassy patch in...

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Pruning Trees and more…


Join me in the sheds and we’re going to have a discussion. Topics will be:

– Pruning
– Irrigation systems
– Watering needs
– Whatever else you might want to talk about
Space is limited so please register on-line at
Come Saturday, February 27th at 10:00 a.m.. We’ll talk about dirt and ladybugs. Register online

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Happy Thanksgiving from High Hand

HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM HIGH HAND Time sure does go by fast, doesn't it? It seems like yesterday we were talking about drought and today we are on the tail end of our fourth storm. A warm fall has given way to a cold, wet start to winter. As a cold winter settles in...

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All I wanted to do was garden

If you're familiar with High Hand Nursery, then you know we are always changing. We are continually trying to come up with new ideas that can change your perception of the nursery. Kind of like, "Hmmm, there's something different about you, but I really can't put my...

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Change is inevitable

Change comes in many ways. When I was younger, I didn't quite understand change. It was a huge shock to my system when my brother (caution, spoiler alert) told me that Santa Claus wasn't real. My world had just turned upside down. My mother tried to smooth it over by...

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