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Gourmet Olive Oils and Vinegars on tap

 Open Wednesday – Sunday  ~ 10:00 – 4:00pm

Taste gourmet olive oil and vinegar in the heart of the historic High Hand Fruit Shed. Quality oils and balsamic vinegars will be available in a variety of blends from California to Greece, naturally flavored and infused oils with complimenting flavored vinegars. Explore your favorite flavors

About our Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar


Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Full bodied, extra virgin olive oil is a product that has a powerful flavor but is smooth and sweet with no bitterness or acidic after taste. It is first pressed using expeller methods.

Infused Olive Oils

Fresh herbs and/or spices are added to the olive oil and steeped for four to six weeks in the oil. At regular intervals, the oil is tested to ensure that no bacteria growth or contamination has occurred. The resultant product is a truly fresh herb/spice flavor that will not dissipate with cooking

Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils Using a mild Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a base, we add concentrates or extracts to achieve a healthy and tantalizing flavor profile.

25 Star Balsamic: The true artisan quality products from centuries old recipes. The vinegar is aged in small barrels under the traditional method with strict controls. It reaches a perfect balance of aroma and flavor when fully mature. It can be enjoyed many ways but always for a special occasion or recipe.

25 Star White Balsamic: Different from typical balsamic vinegar in that it has a lower acidity level and a pale color. It has a delicate balsamic flavor that compliments many fine recipes without darkening the ingredients of the dish


Olive Oil Tasting  

The Right Way!


You may have noticed the correlation between wine

tasting and olive oil tasting Like wine, olive oil

comes in a wide array of varieties and because of

this, each oil carries distinct characteristics and


Learning how to properly taste your olive

oil will help you decide on your own favorite olive

oils, and in what ways you will utilize nature’s fine

golden drops in your own kitchen.

5 Steps to Amazing Olive Oil Tasting

1/ First, pour a small amount of olive oil into a small cup.

2/ Then, cover the cup with one hand, and swirl the  olive oil inside of the cup until the oil is close to  body temperature.

3/ Next, lift the cup to your nose, and smell the  olive oil. How does it smell to you? Buttery, fruity, bitter, or perhaps peppery?

4/ Take a sip of your olive oil and hold it in your mouth for a moment . Roll the oil around in your mouth in an attempt to cover all of the areas of your tongue with the oil.

5/ As you swallow, take a breath inward and let the flavor of the oil sit on your tongue for a moment. You will notice different flavors being portrayed on the back of your tongue, verses the front. This is due to how our different taste buds taste different flavors.



Olive Oil & Vinegar Pairing Guide

  Our large selection includes Olive Oils from infused to natural flavors and balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy. 

High-Hand Olive Oil Company Recipes

And favorites from our customers!

Browse through our recipes … Have one to share? Please email us. info@highhand.com

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Lots of fun Tips on using your favorites Olive Oil and Vinegar.

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