Top Ramen Pricing Sale!


First of all, I’d like to thank the Top Ramen people for their invention. Top Ramen has fed every college student in every dorm across America. Why just the other night it was Top Ramen, fresh zucchini and an heirloom tomato from Maple Rock Gardens, and a splash of olive oil from the High Hand Olive Oil store and voila! Top Ramen never tasted so good.  (Can you tell there’s a little product placement going on here?)

But the light bulb went on while I was eating my Top Ramen, infused with Maple Rock vegetables and High Hand olive oil. Why can’t I compete with Top Ramen pricing? Ten for a dollar! With my entrepreneurial juices flowing, I sprang from the couch, calculator in hand trying to figure out how I can bring you “Top Ramen” pricing. Why not? We beat Home Depot and Lowe’s with our flower basket pricing. Okay, it was only .03, but the baskets were packed with a lot more value. Well, in my quest to create Top Ramen pricing, my dreams were dashed. I can’t give you 10 for a $1.00. I have failed. But I can give you 10 for $10.00. Enter Adrian.


Adrian is holding in his arms two colors of impatiens, a beautiful red salvia and red and purple vinca. All grown in our High Hand greenhouse. Mix and match to create a wonderful splash of color by your front door or wherever your gardening heart desires.

Ten for $10.00. That’s $1.00 each. (Must buy in multiples of 10.) Okay, we got close.

In case you didn’t recognize the boy in the picture, it is Adrian. He shaved his goatee and his head because he lost a bet to my son Collin. Germany beat Argentina in the World Soccer Cup. Adrian lost. It got shaved. Collin was not without tears himself, calling me at half time, telling me with tears in his voice that he did not want his first day as a freshman in high school to be without his coveted hair. He’s 14 and was not prepared to shave it and as the prospects of Germany losing the game loomed, the fear was turning to tears. Enough about that. We know the outcome now. Adrian’s bald.

Meet Jakob the Farmer

…from Maple Rock every Sunday in the fruit sheds. Fresh vegetables, peaches, plums, heirloom tomatoes – all the fixins of a farmer’s market.

Jakob Drizzle

And if you miss Jakob at High Hand this Sunday, you can meet him at Maple Rock’s Melon Mania, August 23, 2014 at Maple Rock Gardens. Join us for a day of fresh Maple Rock Melons, Farmer Fred’s University and, of course, Jakob the Farmer. With great food, cold drinks, live music and a garden railroad, it’s a bargain at $10.00 a ticket.

Click for Melon Mania tickets and informationMelonManiaWeb500




  • David Austin roses, Buy One Get One Free! (But Scott, I don’t like roses!). Okay, fine, I say, but you’re crazy for not liking David Austin’s. Have you smelled one lately? It smells like a dream.

  • Flower baskets, Buy One Get One Free!

  • Selected Pottery and Iron, Buy One Get One Free!

  • Our famous fruit trees, large and branched nicely, with some bearing fruit, Buy One Get One Free!

  • Top Ramen Pricing (10 for $10) on select High Hand Grown Flowers

Sale ends August 31, 2014 or while supplies last.

And don’t forget, Jakob the Farmer at High Hand (in the Fruit Shed) every Sunday with his fruits and vegetables fresh from the farm.

We will see you at Melon Mania on August 23.



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