What’s Up Next

How can you even be thinking about what’s up next? What? Seriously, what’s up? What is what? “Scott, what are you even talking about?”

With the constant Christmas music everywhere I turn, how could I even think about what’s up next? I’m too focused on what I need to do now. But, in the spirit of Christmas past, can we just close our eyes and take a journey about what’s up next?

I fell asleep at my desk the other day and had a dream. Standing in my garden in my pajamas, I dreamed of the Ghost of Gardens Past. I think it was a chapter that didn’t make the book. I think when Charles Dickens wrote it, the publisher cut this part out thinking that this was going to be an epic movie someday in the future.

There I was, standing in the middle of my frigid December garden in my pajamas. The funny things was that I wasn’t even cold standing out in the frost. I was startled by the voice of the motherly Ghost of Gardens Past. The Garden Ghost reminded me that there is a garden here that needs attention. There are things to do, she said to me.

“I don’t understand, Garden Ghost. I have so much to do this Christmas. So much to get done.”

“Yes, you do.”, she replied, “and it’s right here in the garden”.

She reminded me as we walked by the chrysanthemums to cut them down to 6-8″. Mulching and watering and covering frost tender plants is always a safe bet in freezing temperatures. She reminded me to keep an eye on the temperatures and to protect frost tender plants when the temperature falls below 32 degrees. She showed me all the places in my garden where I needed to break the berms down around the plants that held the water from the summer.

She pointed out some staked trees. “You might want to lose some of those ties if they’re bound too tight” she said. “Spring’s around the corner and I’m sure you’ll forget and the ties will tighten up as the tree grows.”

As the Ghost of Gardens Past started to fade away, I panicked and asked, “Is there more I should do in my garden?” She said in a fading voice, “Sharpen and clean and store away your garden tools. You will need them soon to prune dormant shrubs and trees.”

I was suddenly jarred awake and with new vigor ran out to the garden, only to just turn around. It was really cold standing in my pajamas with a pair of clippers in my hand.

So, what’s up next? Lots of things.

Heading to work the next day, I had a new found appreciation of the garden and a new focus. I actually stood and looked at the labels on these pots. Yes, I read the labels on pots of dirt. Reading the labels reminded me of what was coming next.

Soon, these empty pots of dirt will become pots of peonies. You see these tubers that are in these pots are growing. They may not look like it. They don’t ask the question, “What is next?”. They say, “Guess what’s coming?Spring”. As the ground warms they will be one of the first to emerge and we will look forward to the flowers they produce. That’s what’s next.

What’s next at High Hand Nursery?