Rules To Live By

In the plant world there are so many rules. Maybe not rules, let’s call them guidelines. But I guess you can say there are a few rules to plants. Don’t plant a Rhododendron in the sun. Don’t plant a Japanese Maple upside down. And yes, certainly, never plant a tomato bush to create shade for your yard. If you are a Rose Fan, then surely you will learn the rules of the Rose. Do you want to keep pests out of your vegetable garden naturally? There are rules for that too. Plant Marigolds. They attract Parasitic Wasps. Garlic keeps gophers away, and vampires for that matter.

Besides all the rules and the laws of the land I’ve always tried to operate with just a few Universal Rules. When I walk my garden and I see a bird, I will stop and pause and stare at it for a moment. Occasionally I’ll see something very cool. The bird will sometimes show me a side of nature I’ve never seen before. Have you ever watched a bird feed her young? Have you ever watched a bird build her nest? Have you had a bird take you on and try to scare you away from it’s young? I realize it happens all the time around us but I think it’s something you should experience before you leave this Earth.

Whenever I see a lemonade stand on the side of the road I stop. Always pay more than the 50 cents. A Five Dollar Bill can change a child’s life. You never know. The child might think, “Huh, if I get better at this and improve upon my craft then maybe I’ll get more Five Dollar Bills”. And with that an entrepreneur is born. I don’t like the rule that says: No lemonade stands without permits. Shame on you rule-makers.

When was the last time you’ve seen the Sun come up? When was the last time you saw the top of the sun disappear behind a mountain?

I highly recommend it. Let the sun take the chatter of the day away with it.

I’ve added another Universal Rule to my life: I walk the Greenhouse of High-Hand everyday. Have you ever walked through the Greenhouse here at High-Hand Nursery?

Besides the obvious, the fresh blooming plants, I am reminded of the smell of dirt. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what strikes me about this smell. Something subconsciously perhaps. Maybe it’s a reminder of my roots. I highly recommend that you come to the High-Hand Greenhouse and experience the fresh smell of dirt for yourself. You deserve it. Activate your senses at High-Hand.

The biggest Universal Rule that I think everyone should live by is really quite simple. If you have the ability to help somebody in need and you don’t then shame on you.

Since the Camp Fire broke out thousands of you have responded for our calls for help and thousands of you, whether you know it or not, are living up the this Universal Rule. Be proud of yourself and your choices to do so. I hope you will continue to carry forward this spirit of giving when the need arises.

A New Home.

We will keep building as long as there is a need and the funds to do so.