I Checked the Weather

I checked the weather, so check this out. Today is hot, yesterday hot. But this Saturday it’ll be cold, relatively speaking. If you work out in the weather for a living, whether its 100 or 104, it doesn’t make much difference, minus the humidity of course. Only when it gets up to 107-110 degrees does it really start to wear me down. But let’s not think about 110 degree weather at this time because on Saturday it will be relatively cool. Why am I zeroed in on Saturday? Saturday is Lavender picking at Maple Rock. If you’ve never stood in the middle of a Lavender field with a 150 Million of your favorite buzzing friends, it is an experience. I am exaggerating, I stopped counting somewhere around 3 million. I’m sure there is a calculus equation to extrapolate the rest to get to my ultimate Bee Number.

Like anyone, I’m certainly aware of the weapon a Bee possesses. But I have a feeling that a Bee’s last option is to deploy that weapon to sting you. It would be sacrificing itself for the hive.

I have not been stung in years, however I got stung on the bottom of the foot last night. I stepped on a Bee who was drinking water on a brick path. Every step I take reminds of the Bee that laid it’s life down to protect itself. Surely if I was paying attention than I would have avoided the Bee and both of us would be living pain-free today.

Having been stung will not preclude me from walking into the Lavender field on Saturday.

So Here’s the Deal

Picking Lavender is like walking on fire, there’s a pace and awareness you have to keep. A blood pressure that you have to maintain and a calmness in your breath. Just so you know, the bees don’t really care about you, they care about gathering pollen to take back to the hive. It’s a pretty cool experience to be surrounded by the smells of the Lavender. While you’re doing your work and harvesting the Lavender the Bee is doing it’s work. It’s very symbiotic. While standing in the Lavender you will feel the buzz to your core. You will feel the energy of the bees internally. This sounds strange but it’s true.

If you’re coming out this Saturday to Maple Rock’s Lavender picking then please remember these simple things:

  • Don’t dress like a flower
  • Don’t wear perfume
  • Move at the same pace the bees are moving (important!)
  • And of course you can walk our gardens

Things To Bring to Lavender cutting:

  • A container for your Lavender
  • A tool to cut Lavender
  • A picnic lunch

I hope to see you this Saturday at Maple Rock.

Tickets are available at the gate or can be purchased online by clicking here.

This is my hand holding a Terra Cotta pot in front of a High-Hand poster, this much is obvious. This is my attempt to make a simple Terra Cotta pot look glamorous. However I was upstaged by Dori. But I will say this, I don’t think Dori can hold a Terra Cotta pot with her right hand and take a photo with her left. This may sound simple, like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. I felt as if I was playing “Competition Twister” while trying to get my left and right brain to coordinate. Dori is not afraid to upstage anybody and she certainly upstaged me.

From boring Terra Cotta to elegantly French.

Join Dori at High-Hand for her French Garden Pot Workshop. You’ll make beautiful appliques to adorn your pottery. Learn how to texture and finish your pots to create the rustic French style. You will have all the supplies to adorn two pots. And yes, of course, mimosas.

Disclaimer: No French champagne will be used during the pouring of Mimosas. We will be using a Champagne from the Veneto region of North-Eastern Italy. And if you’re a mimosa snob the grape that we will be using is called Glera. Now you know.

Create two beautiful pots from France and drink the beautiful champagne from Italy.

Join us Saturday, June 29th from 10am-12pm, for this European trip. The cost is $65 plus tax. Tickets can be purchased