Have You Ever Wondered?

Christmas. Can we get rid of Black Friday? I don’t like it. I don’t like Christmas in September. I don’t like doing my Christmas shopping in October because all the wrapping paper is 50% off.

So check this out. I bought Halloween candy and got 50% off a Santa Claus at the same time. “Bonus!” I thought. I don’t know about you but let’s start Christmas in June. Why not? Let’s do Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving the week before Easter so that we have time to relax during the winter months. I eat turkey all year around, don’t you? I’m trying to figure out how to rope Easter into it at the same time. While we are eating candy and a turkey sandwich, let’s hide a few eggs in the weeds. Done.

Christmas 2020 at High-Hand, started this week. Let me explain. As soon as we finish the decorations for the Cafe, my head starts thinking about next year. Its the turning point for a new season for me. The vibration of Christmas at High-Hand starts to increase in June. The lights start to go up in September. Throughout the summer months I try to find trees that can go into the Cafe to transform it into a holiday wonderland. As a child I always thought that the elves produced all the toys in a single night and I was perplexed how Santa could deliver them in one evening. Beat that Bezos.

The first Monday after Thanksgiving everything comes to fruition and in one day a Cafe is transformed. What’s the big deal you think? It’s a lot of work. The planning, the execution, and the exhaustion.

Last Saturday, we went to Apple Hill and cut down a Christmas tree. Stopping in Placerville, we went into a Christmas boutique, and for some reason the store owner offered me the store. I said, “How much?” She said, “$150,000 ish.” I asked her, “When did you start putting up Christmas?” She replied, “September.” I rest my case.

Christmas needs to start the day after Thanksgiving. I don’t want to see Santa Claus, gift wrap, or plastic garden elf gnomes until the day after Thanksgiving. But let’s do this in baby steps instead of combining the holidays all into one day in spring. I’m hoping that online shipping will eliminate the need for Black Friday. Let’s start with that.

I’m sorry, I’m off topic.

High-Hand Cafe Monday the day after Thanksgiving — 8am.

Like the Kentucky Derby, off go the horses. No stopping from here and no looking back. As we enter the first turn, up the ladder she went, heels and all.
Four hours later the first tree was done and the pace was set. Always in heels, always in style.

I’m a typical guy, you all know that. I like big trucks, hosing off concrete with a powerful water nozzle, and pushing the limits of amperage with every holiday. Back in the day I use to say it’s not a good party till the cops show up. That rings true at Christmas time as well. We don’t stop putting up lights until we blow the circuits.

Thank you elf Jodie, Erin, Connie, and Chris, for keeping Tracy Claus on pace. Never quitting, we decorated through the darkness (with a glass of wine in hand). I will say this, good job elves. You did it.
At the end of the night all was well in the world.

Join us this Saturday, December 7th as High-Hand celebrates a Victorian Christmas.

I hope to see you here this Saturday. Rain or shine we will flip the switch. Maybe the lights will come on, maybe they won’t. But I will tell you this. If they don’t, it’s not due to a lack of effort. It is due to amperage submerged in water.

From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

I hope to see you at High-Hand this holiday season,


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