To Our Valued Guests

Over the last several weeks we have all been following the countless news stories and press conferences. While many questions lie ahead, I am convinced that one thing remains above all. It is that humanity, while being tested will prevail. Moving through the next months requires all of us to exercise patience, kindness, and grace. It is these three things that I will turn to to provide comfort. Humanity and the love that it can provide for all of us, is what will carry us through the days. This will pass. It is my wish that we emerge more understanding and more tolerant of each other.

A couple years ago, I started to take notice of what was going on in our food supply, the vulnerabilities that we are exposed to. When something as simple as lettuce was recalled off the shelves, I had made a decision to try to safe guard our guests at High-Hand Cafe. Most of you don’t know, but behind the cafe, there is a fully self contained container that proves us with lettuce for the cafe and vegetable starts. We have spent the last six months trying to perfect this technique to bring you the freshest greens possible.

Our container is climate and temperature controlled and sealed from the outside elements. We sprout all of our seeds and vegetable starts in this very clean and controlled environment.

A second grow container, grows our chicken feed. I’ve always considered eggs another vulnerability. Our eggs from Maple Rock are another example how we covet safety and bring you the freshest food possible.

At High-Hand public safety in these challenging times, is and always will be a priority. If you’re wondering where we are at High-Hand. Here’s the rundown.

High-Hand Cafe

We have made a decision to close High-Hand Cafe temporarily. This is a broad safety measure and in no way directly related to High-Hand but we are doing our part to preserve public health. This is a hard decision to make. It’s a painful one, but necessary.

At High-Hand Cafe we are going to try a new approach. Our approach is about community and gardening. This Saturday at High-Hand Nursery and Cafe, join us. We will be keeping our wood fired ovens going. Enjoy a pizza to-go or sit down at one of our outside nursery tables. We will extend a 20% discount nursery wide.

High-Hand Olive Oil

Good news, you can still enjoy High-Hand olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Shop online by clicking here. We will promptly package your order and ship it out immediately.

High-Hand Nursery

Flowers and the smell of fresh dirt are soothing to me. The nursery will remain open for regular business hours, so you can experience what I get to on a daily basis. We are extending a 20% discount store wide until we are beyond the current difficulties. Most importantly, I want you to have access to flowers and plants for your yard. Gardening is healing.

My hope is that you’ll come and stroll the nursery and just take it in.

Don’t worry about Petunia

Petunia found a home, relaxing among the air plants. Even Petunia knows that surrounding yourself with flowers and plants is healthy.

These are challenging times. I look forward to witnessing the best that humanity has to offer. Look for the small miracles around you. Walk your garden, plant some flowers. Feed your soul.

See you at High-Hand,


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