Rustic Olive Oil-Fried Croutons

Rustic Olive Oil-Fried Croutons



  1. Toss the bread, seasonings, and 1/4 cup olive oil together in a bowl and let stand for 5-10 minutes for olive oil to absorb into the bread.
  2. Preheat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet over medium heat until you see it start to see a shimmer/bubbling.
  3. Test the temperature by placing one bread cube in the oil. If you have the correct temp, the oil will start to bubble up around the bread cube’s edges.
  4. Add the rest of your bread, making sure to keep it to a single layer. If you can’t, cook the rest in a second batch.
  5. Let it cook for about half a minute to a minute until you see a nice golden brown on the bottom.
  6. Grab your tongs and turn them over and let cook for about another minute.
  7. Take one out and let it cool before tasting. You want a crunchy exterior with a soft and tasty olive oil interior. If you cook too long they will be too crunchy from over frying.

Note: You can change the flavors of this recipe by using other High-Hand Olive Oil Company oils as well as tossing the croutons with Parmesan cheese or other spices.

Life Moves Forward

Life Moves Forward

image of plants
Nature never disappoints, it’s simply amazing. It seems as if the pandemic has upended everything. While that may be true there is always a constant. Nature. It’s easy with all the worry, stress, and pressure to forget that mother nature embraces all.
image of mushrooms

The last six months, as it has probably been for you, has been about ADJUST, ADJUST, ADJUST.

So what has the cafe been up to? ALOT.

Before Covid we never really had an online presence. However we now have an excellent online platform in which to purchase your cafe favorites. I cant thank the cafe team enough for their relentless efforts in putting together an online presence and constantly adjusting it as we went along.

We opened the restaurant and then we had to close the restaurant a second time. Frankly each time was brutal but we kept looking forward and adjusting to what could possibly become a new norm.

We went out and bought a smoker. Like most men, we don’t think about what it will take to put the smoker in place. Why would we read the instructions? Why should we actually think if it will fit through the door? Well, as you know High-Hand is always the little engine that could and it did. Desperation is the mother of all invention, when in doubt remove the roof and bring in the crane!

image of a large crane lowering a smoker

Our new friend THE SMOKER

image of a smoker
Do you know what’s cool? We now smoke all of our bacon in house. Smoked salmon, we got that too! Whats coming next? That is a secret – we hope you like brisket.

As I said, desperation is the mother of all invention

image of the outdoor cafe

We moved the restaurant outside

We are happy to say we are now back to our pre covid hours. The cafe now open Tuesday through Friday 11:00am – 3:00pm. Saturday & Sunday 9:00am – 3:00pm. Reservations can be made online by clicking here, come dine with us at High-Hand.

Cat on a Cart

image of a cat
Not to be confused with a Cat in the Hat, Petunia on a cart is doing just fine. She found that wearing a mask is a bit problematic but it is a requirement in the nursery and cafe. These days she tends to self quarantine and come outside when she can social distance. Petunia is doing great.

In the sheds we are moving forward with the relocation and remodel of the High-Hand Olive Oil store. You can still purchase your favorites online by clicking here. Be patient with us please, our supply chains have tightened up a bit due to Covid.

The remodel for the art gallery is moving forward and we hope to have it open soon.

We are happy to say that High-Hand Nursery is back to its pre Covid hours. The nursery hours are Monday-Saturday 9:00-5:00 and Sunday 9:00-4:00. Let’s see if you’re actually paying attention to this. In celebration of opening up to pre covid hours, Monday September 28th everything at High-Hand store wide is 10% off. Come on in. We would love to see you.

Always pretty in pink

image of a grow container

The grow container that grows our lettuce for the cafe and vegetable starts for Maple Rock & High-Hand is back online. 😀

Lets Summarize

  • Nature never quits
  • Cafe is back to normal hours (open on Tuesdays) and is smoking along
  • The shed is being remolded, revamped, and flipped 😀
  • The nursery is open 7 days a week
  • The grow container is growing
  • And Petunia is great!

Did I mention September 28th is 10% off at High-Hand Nursery? Let me throw something else in the mix for you. October 3rd High-Hand nursery will be bringing back our Name Your Own Price Sale! Name your own price on selected scratched and dented Japanese Maples and various trees as well as some selected shrubs. When you give us a price most likely we will counter back, but we might counter lower.

During a pandemic gratitude is tricky. With all the changes, challenges, and stress that we are all going through, gratitude can be at times hard to find. With much gratitude the team at High-Hand wants to thank you. For the last six months we have been constantly adjusting. Because of you, we have been able to work through the challenges and create a place where everyone’s worries can wash away. All of us are very grateful. All of you have kept us motivated.

Life moves forward.

See you at High-Hand,


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