What’s up High-Hand?

What’s up High-Hand?

image of a pile of succulents

What is up? A lot is up. We will get back to the pile of succulents in a minute.

Big announcement: April 24th High-Hand Art Gallery is hosting a Grand Opening. April 24th 10:00am-4:00pm join us for “Art in the Garden.” Meet the artists of High-Hand and visit our newly remolded art gallery, it’ll be a great day.

Whats up? Well I decided to dive in and repot my succulents at Maple Rock last night. I don’t know why but I just came home put on my headphones, grabbed a water, and went at it. Over the last year certain parts of the garden had become neglected, especially my potted succulents. I am sure we all have a piece of the garden that needs a little bit of a face lift.

My process of repotting and rearranging succulents is probably different than yours. Most people, normal people, would prepare. You would get some soil and methodically go about replanting and repotting your succulents — whether it is dividing them and moving them to a bigger containers or just rearranging them. I guess you could say this is the DIY portion of the email. DIY seems to be the theme of the day, I can’t even open up Google News without someone writing an article about DIY brownies, or DIY bathtubs. I even saw an article about DIY reroof your house — no thanks. I don’t even change my own oil on my vehicle, why would I want to learn to reroof my house?

But here is how my succulent repotting project started. I went around and collected all the pots that had succulents. Picked up the broken pot that the wind blew over, and stuck it all in a pile as well, hence the picture. Once you have your pile of succulents gathered together, start making babies. Now if you’re snickering — don’t, that’s not what I am talking about. Take your clippers and start making your cuttings for your new arrangements. Typically I would let my succulent cuttings dry out for a couple days but I am a boy and I have no patience. If you use the “being impatient method” just don’t overwater.

image of a pot of succulents
So I grabbed my first pot and proceeded to go for it. Returning to my pile of cuttings.
image of a pile of succulents
I don’t overthink the process of creating something. Neither do I overthink what soil I am going to use, I just grabbed the closest bag I had. So with my G&B Organics Blue Ribbon Blend from Kellogg’s (total product placement), and my headphone playing my favorite tunes, I was in my zone. Within 45 minutes my project was done. My reward? The satisfaction of my new creations.
image of a pot of succulents
image of succulents in pots on a shelf
I suppose I should have removed the dogs watering bowl before I took the picture.
image of a square pot with succulents overdlowing over the edges
If you’re not a green-thumb, try your hand at succulents. They can be a lot of fun. I was having so much fun doing this that I didn’t even realize that my headphones were playing Captain & Tennille’s song “Love Will Keep us Together”. I don’t know why but hearing that song reminded me of being home from grammar school sick and watching the Merv Griffin Show.

Succulents are easy. I would challenge you to kill one. You will not receive an award for achieving this goal. No prize from High-Hand but you’ll find that they are addicting. Our selection of succulents at High-Hand has never been better.

image of a pot of succulents

Mark your calendar:

Join us from 10:00am-4:00pm on April 24th to celebrate the Grand Opening of High-Hand Art Gallery. Meet the artists and enjoy Art in the Garden.

I love succulents, you should too.

See you at High-Hand.


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