Getting You  Caught Up

Getting You Caught Up

I am not implying that you are behind in anyway. I would expect that we would be behind on laundry, dishes, housecleaning, keeping the pantry organized, and picking up dog poop in the yard. I am behind on changing the oil in my truck. Maybe I just don’t trust Ford’s math. So I keep pushing the reset button, thinking its just a conspiracy to try and get more revenue out of me. Probably not. I do need to go get my oil changed. I will also confess that I am behind on bringing you up to speed on what has been going on at High-Hand. For the last 30 months we have been extremely busy navigating pandemics and closures while forging ahead with building our dream.

I think it is easier to build a dream than to live it. I don’t know your take on that but thats mine. For the last 20 years we have been doing just that, building a dream. The events of the last few years have not stopped us from the journey.

Let me get you caught up. I am not going to come pick up poop in your yard and you certainly don’t want me organizing your pantry. I would just eat the candy you forgot you had. Here’s what has been going on at High-Hand for the last 30 months.

The Cafe

We toyed around with opening up for dinners, as in the past. But then a lightbulb went on. More about that later. So, as always, the cafe is serving great ingredients prepared well and served with a smile. Click here to join us for weekday lunch and weekend brunch.

image of piles of debris

The Nursery

The nursery is home to some of the most unique Japanese Maples, plants, and flowers grown in our own green houses. Waiting for a table at the cafe? Take a walk through the greenhouse and just breathe.

image of the mercantile announcement

The Sheds

Don’t stop at the nursery, our 110 year old fruit packing shed is rich with history and truly a unique experience.

image of brewery announcement

The Olive Oil and my Amazing Mother

Stop by and say hello to Connie. Taste the best olive oil and balsamic’s in the region. Connie loves her job. If you can’t make it in to meet Connie, she will box it up and mail it off to you. Order here.

image of brewery announcement

The Art Gallery

Take a moment to step inside a world of amazing creativity. The Art Gallery is host to over 40+ local artists. Take some time, relax, and walk around. Introduce yourself to Allie.

image of brewery announcement

Leo Eleven Designs

Next to The Art Gallery, say hello to Kelly. Creative handcrafted jewelry. Ask Kelly to the create something special for you.

image of brewery announcement

High-Hand Mercantile

We travel all over trying to find unique gifts. The mercantile is an example of building a dream. Stop in and create your own handcrafted bath salts. Next time you’re looking for that unique gift, stop in and say hello to Tracy. Introduce yourself. She would love to meet you.

image of brewery announcement

Berco Redwood

Since 1987 Berco Redwood has been one of the regions premier family owned businesses. If you ever get the chance to meet Tim, just start talking about wood. His passion about redwood makes him light up like a kid. We are excited to offer their unique redwood products, yes things are still made with wood thanks to Berco.

image of brewery announcement

The Truck

Our original fruit truck is now a stage for Curbside Concerts. We were sitting outside one afternoon and thought to ourselves “this is a great place to sit on a summer evening.” Join us this Thursday May 25th as we kick off our Curbside Concerts on The Truck. Join Nathan North from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, great fun! Nathan North Music

image of brewery announcement
image of brewery announcement

The Stage

Live entertainment comes to High-Hand! Check our entertainment calendar at for all our upcoming shows. Join Dennis Johnson this Saturday May 27th 6:00 to 9:00pm live on High-Hand Stage. This concert is free. The Stage will be hosting live music every weekend. Enjoy light bites and great beer while listening to good music. Click here to see the slide guitar master’s website.

image of brewery announcement
image of brewery announcement

The Brewery

The brewery was our lightbulb moment, you could say. For the last 30 months we have been adding to our dream, live entertainment, connected to a great space to relax and enjoy friends. The brewery offers 12 unique beers and delicious handcrafted cocktails. Did I mention great food? Check us out, we would be thrilled to have you. Open for dinner and drinks 3:00 to 9:00pm Wednesday through Saturday and 3:00 to 8:00pm on Sunday.

image of brewery announcement
image of brewery announcement
image of brewery announcement

The Cat

Don’t worry about Petunia, she is living comfortably in her new Tillandsia home. If you want to buy an air plant you will have to go through her.

image of brewery announcement

Maple Rock

They say that the measure of a garden is in the degree for which it haunts you after you have left it. While we haven’t opened up Maple Rock since 2019. The gardens are doing wonderful. We hope to open the gardens back up next year for our Mother’s Day weekend event.

image of brewery announcement
image of brewery announcement

Lets recap

  • The cafe great food prepared well
    Walk the greenhouse and the nursery and breathe.
  • My mom is doing great, visit the olive oil store and say hello.
  • While you’re at it don’t forget to say hello to Petunia, Allie, Tracy, and Kelly.
  • Stop by Berco and get introduced to the world of redwood.
  • This Thursday May 25th, come kick off Curbside Concerts with Nathan North, so much fun.
  • Dennis Johnson takes The Stage this Saturday May 27th 6:00 to 9:00pm. Come check out the new sound system. Great beer and free music.
  • And finally don’t forget to step into the brewery, we know you’ll enjoy it.

We finally made it. We have taken a journey through the cafe and the nursery. We have visited all of the shops in the shed. We have met Connie, Allie, Tracy, Kelly, Tim, and checked in on the cat. I say its time for a beer.

I realize its been awhile since you have heard from us. We are excited for you to come and experience the changes at High-Hand for yourself.

See you at High-Hand,


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