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High-Hand Nursery offers a full range of landscape services to
make your outdoor space a blend of beauty and functionality. Our services include landscape design, at-home garden consultations,
personal garden shopper, and planting services.

We also offer full-service design/build landscape, construction, and installation. Our in-house horticulture professionals are licensed and insured.

All of our services are backed by 35 years of local horticulture excellence.

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Landscape Design

Design Cost: $800 – $1,500

A High-Hand Nursery Landscape Designer will meet you at your home and walk your garden to discuss your goals. Getting started is easy. Book your landscape appointment by clicking the button below and you’ll be contacted within 72 hours to set up a date and time to meet at your home.

Your landscape design fee includes a hand drawing consisting of four hours of design time. This design time includes the initial at-home visit, offsite drawing time, and a nursery visit to go over your design. If more than 4 hours is needed, your designer will let you know. Extra hours can be purchased for $125 per hour. CAD drawings and colored renderings are available upon request for an additional fee.

Your landscape appointment covers a front or back yard up to 2,000 sq ft. We will customize a design that fits your needs. We can spot plants in your yard for an hourly rate of $125 per hour. We can also coordinate the installation of your plants at an additional cost.

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At-Home Garden Consultation

Cost: $250 – $350

Just moved into a new house? Do you feel your garden is underperforming? We can answer all your questions and guide you through the necessary steps to revive your garden. We can help with identifying plants and flowers, and discuss watering, pruning, fertilizing, and all the tips and tricks for creating a successful garden.

This appointment covers up to 1-1.5 hours of our consultants’ time. Remember, even if you have a gardener that takes care of your yard, knowing 5% more than your gardener makes you an expert.

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Personal Garden Shopper

Cost: FREE

Need some extra advice and help while picking out plants?

High-Hand Nursery can help.

We ask that you commit to a $200 online gift card to be used toward your new garden. The personal plant shopper service is free, however, it does not include plans or drawings, so bring a notepad to write down plant names and suggestions during your one hour appointment.

Pictures say 1,000 words. Bring pictures of the space that you are trying to re-create, and information related to planter sizes, soil conditions, and sun exposure. It also helps to have some of your goals written down.

It’s easy to get started by requesting an appointment online when you purchase your gift card. We will call you within 72 hours to schedule a time to meet here at High-Hand Nursery.

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Planting Services

Cost Starts At: $450

Do you love to pick out plants, but just don’t have the time to plant them? Using the best horticulture practices, we will plant trees, shrubs, and flower beds for you.

After picking out your plants, book an appointment at High-Hand Nursery. It usually takes one to two weeks to schedule a planting crew to come to your home. All of our landscape installers are licensed and insured.

The minimum planting fee is $450. If you need your new plants delivered, we can do that too for an additional fee.

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