Our Return Policy

High-Hand Nursery is dedicated to your gardening success. We grow and buy only the highest quality plant material available. We offer the following guarantees:

Plant Guarantee

If a plant is given responsible care and fails to survive during the time period of the guarantee, we will either replace it with the same plant (or a similar plant), or issue an in-store credit for the purchase price of the plant. We do not replace replacement plants. Both the plant and the original High-Hand invoice are required for replacement.

Trees, shrubs, conifers, and winter hardy perennials are guaranteed for one (1) year. Guarantee is void for plants not on automatic irrigation.

No guarantee is given for houseplants, annuals, tropical plants, or succulents.

Hardgood Guarantee

Hardgood items include pottery, statues and non-plant gift items. These items may be returned within thirty (30) days of purchase with original receipt and in original condition.

Refund Policy

Cash or check purchases will be refunded in the form of either a store credit or a company check issued within ten to fourteen days. Original receipt is required.

We reserve the right to revoke our guarantee in the case of intentional misuse of this guarantee.

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