Maple Dark Balsamic Vinegar


Perfect for pancakes, fish, salads, bacon, bbq ribs and marinades.


Yummy balance of sweetness and tartness! Put a little in your batter for pancakes or waffles, toss up a fabulous watercress salad and top it with a combination of Maple Dark Balsamic and Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or use it to glaze grilled salmon. Wonderful on bacon, in marinades, on poached pears, blueberry muffins, BBQ ribs and veggies. For a quick appetizer or snack coat pecans and roast at 400 degrees (be sure to line pan with parchment paper). But be careful, they are addictive!

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100ml, 375ml

Pairs with:

Chipotle Infused Olive Oil, Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic Infused Olive Oil, Huckleberry Dark Balsamic, Mandarin Orange White Balsamic


Color variations are a result of the ingredients used in the infusion process of our oils and white vinegars.

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