High-Hand Olive Oil Company

Gourmet Olive Oil & Vinegar on Tap
Hours: Tues thru Fri 11-4pm, Sat/Sun 10-4pm
Phone: 916.660.0117 (ext. 5)

Experience a culinary delight like no other at the historic High-Hand Fruit Shed! Sample our gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegars, infused with natural flavors from California, Spain, and Greece. Indulge in hand-stuffed olives, tapenades, mustards, salsas, pickled vegetables, and Maple Rock Garden’s Wildflower Honey. Don’t forget to explore our gift baskets! The High-Hand Olive Oil Company is a must-see destination for food lovers.

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Our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Full bodied, extra virgin olive oil is a product that has a powerful flavor but is smooth and sweet with no bitterness or acidic after taste. It is first pressed using expeller methods.

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Our Infused Olive Oil

Fresh herbs and/or spices are added to the olive oil and steeped for four to six weeks in the oil. At regular intervals, the oil is tested to ensure that no bacteria growth or contamination has occurred. The resultant product is a truly fresh herb/spice flavor that will not dissipate with cooking.

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Our White & Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Carefully chosen from artisan producers from both California and Modena, Italy – they pair perfectly with our oils and as well as your palette. We love pairing balsamic with both citrus olive oil and extra virgin olive oil for salad dressings, finishing drizzles, reduction sauces and even over ice cream!

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Recipes & Pairings

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Our Recipes

Browse through our company recipes and recipe favorites from our customers! Have one to share, please email us at info@highhand.com

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Olive Oil & Vinegar Pairing Guide

Our large selection includes olive oils both infused and natural flavors as well as balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy…

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