OLIVE OIL                               BALSAMIC VINEGAR

California – ArbequinaGrapefruit
California – MissionPeach White
California  – KoroneikiAny Flavored
California – SevillanoLemon Vanilla
Greece – KalamataGreen Apple
Italy – Umbria regionCranberry Pear
Spain – PicualPomegranate
Infused Black Pepper OilLemon White
Infused Garlic OilFig Balsamic
Infused Roasted Chili OilHickory Balsamic
Infused Lemon Pepper OilRaspberry
Infused Jalapeño OilLime Balsamic
Infused Basil OilWhite Lemon
Infused Scallion OilLemon Balsamic
Infused Rosemary OilBlack Currant
Natural Flavored  Blood OrangeHoney Ginger
Natural Flavored Meyer LemonWhite Lemon
Natural Flavored Persian LimePomegranate
Flavored Sun-dried TomatoBasil & Apricot
Flavored White TruffleFig Balsamic
Fused Garlic MushroomBlack Currant
Fused Tuscan HerbLemon Balsamic



          BALSAMIC VINEGAR                               OLIVE OIL

ApricotBasil Infused
Bittersweet Chocolate with OrangeJalapeno Infused
Black CurrantRosemary
Bordeaux CherryBasil Infused
Cranberry OrangeGreek Kalamata
Cranberry PearRosemary Infused
Cucumber MelonRoasted Chile
Dark ChocolateScallion infused
EspressoBlood Orange EV
FigWhite Truffle
Garlic CilantroPersian Lime
GrapefruitBasil Infused
Green AppleGarlic Mushroom
HickoryJalapeno Infused
Honey GingerMeyer Lemon/ Basil
LemonGarlic Mushroom
Lemongrass MintBasil/ Meyer Lemon
Mandarin OrangeRoasted Chile
Mocha Almond FudgeEspresso Baslsamic
OrangeBlood Orange EV
Orange/ Mango/  Passion fruitBlood Orange EV
PeachCalifornia Mission EV
Pecan PralineArbequina EVOO
PineappleScallion infused
PomegranateBlood Orange EV
Pumpkin SpiceCranberry Walnut EV
RaspberryRosemary Infused
StrawberryBlack Pepper EVOO
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5 Steps to Amazing Olive Oil Tasting

You may have noticed the correlation between wine tasting and olive oil tasting. Like wine, olive oil comes in a wide array of varieties and because of this, each oil carries distinct characteristics and qualities. Learning how to properly taste your olive oil will help you decide on your own favorite olive oils, and in what ways you will utilize nature’s fine golden drops in your own kitchen.

  1. First, pour a small amount of olive oil into a small cup.
  2. Then, cover the cup with one hand, and swirl the  olive oil inside of the cup until the oil is close to  body temperature.
  3. Next, lift the cup to your nose, and smell the  olive oil. How does it smell to you? Buttery, fruity, bitter, or perhaps peppery?
  4. Take a sip of your olive oil and hold it in your mouth for a moment . Roll the oil around in your mouth in an attempt to cover all of the areas of your tongue with the oil.
  5. As you swallow, take a breath inward and let the flavor of the oil sit on your tongue for a moment. You will notice different flavors being portrayed on the back of your tongue, verses the front. This is due to how our different taste buds taste different flavors.

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