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Quite a popular place on weekends.  High Hand Nursery is a nursery, gardening supply, a restaurant, as well as a few other small establishments inside the large former fruit warehouse (wine tasting rooms, textiles, art gallery, olive oil, et al).  Even if not in the shopping mood, browsing here is fun with lots to see and ideas to develop.

The nursery gardens aren’t the typical rows of plants.  Instead, inviting paths and and greenery vignettes.  If nothing more, stroll the nursery and meander.  

The former fruit warehouse is home to a large open area of pottery, large and small, of varying styles.  Remnants of this buildings original life as fruit sorting and storage kept in place.  Some walls display photos and history of this building former glory.  Somewhat like a small town inside this structure, small shops dot the periphery.

If you’re looking for garden ideas, plants, pots, supplies, and want to integrate some wine tasting, olive oil tasting, an art gallery and even lunch, consider this spot as a stop when in the area.

John H.

Fair Oaks, CA

High Hand nursery is hands down the most beautiful and fun nursery I’ve ever had the pleasure of exploring. Complete with koi pond, (with very comfy seating) gallery, vinegar and olive oil shop, as well as several other specialty shops that make it truly one of a kind. Try the lemon flavored balsamic vinegar! I’m officially addicted. High Hand is a gorgeous destination to take the whole family, even if it’s just to get ideas for the garden. It’s like real life Pinterest! The plants available are unsurpassed, for only slightly more money than, say, home depot. Ample shade and an overhead water misting system makes even the hottest of days tolerable. The restaurant looks equally stunning, though I have not had the pleasure of eating in, (yet). I truly love High Hand nursery. It makes for a delightful day trip, and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Stella D.

Sacramento, CA

We were quite surprised by this very interesting nursery and shopping mall. The nursery has a great selection, including Loch Ness Monster topiaries. The dining is quite nice and picturesque. The mall – like shopping is quite unexpected and well curated. Will visit again the next time we are in NorCal. – Feb 26, 2016

Kamran Nezami

 3 weeks ago  –  Love this place!

Pavel Samuylik

This place is rad.  I have been twice now, and both times were simply lovely days spent wining and strolling and daydreaming.  

The setting – can’t be more romantic.  The train tracks and trees and country setting and the patio and the open-air seating arrangements and the gardens and the farming and the greenery and the fact that they are ALL ONE.  

The cafe – is it on the pricey side?  Yes.  But it’s not out of reach if you keep it simple.  Or you could go all out and have a couple-hundred dollar smorgasbord brunchfest.  Note – both of my visits were for brunch.  One was a cheaper simple affair, and one was more ballin’.  I really want to go for a lunchy-dinner sometime because I want to sit at the pizza oven-bar.  With wine probably.  Order a glass of wine or a coffee drink to go and walk around the grounds with it because it’s allowed!!!!  🙂  🙂

The grounds – the restaurant spills into the most beautiful garden which is the nursery’s outdoor display areas.  Ponds, fountains, artistic installations, trees, a whole forest of japanese maples and bonzai-esque tree art…..quirky, repurposed pianos and old vehicles….and almost everything you’re enjoying is for sale.  

The shops – Inside the old fruit-packing “plant”/barn/warehouse building adjacent to the cafe/gardens is a (calling it a “mall” is insulting, but a good description nonetheless) with garden whimsies and supplies, an entire oriental rug store, some amazing vintage and vintage-vibed artisan shops, a knitting shop, some amazing woodwork and sculptural things for sale all throughout, a magnificent central room that I wish I had gotten married in, some WINE tasting rooms, jewelry stores, art studios, and last but NOT LEAST is the artisan olive oil and vinegar bulk shoppe/tasting room!!!!!!  Get lost there with your wine.  

Get lost there all over.  Allow like 3.5 hours.  I’m not kidding.  (That’s why brunch!)

Andie C

Tarzana, CA

a month ago –    Beautiful spot with excellent food and friendly staff. Definitely swing in for brunch bust expect to wait up to 45 minutes or more if you get there after 11.

Tony Subia

a month ago –  Great atmosphere, very good place for lunch or breakfast. There is usually wait if you come for lunch, but you can enjoy the pond or walk in the nursery

Roman Bondarenko

6 months ago – Beautiful venue and ambiance. The cafe is just surrounded by beauty and the nursery is amazing! It keeps getting better and better as you walk around, with all the shops, art, wine, etc. It has something for everyone to enjoy! Just a wonderful and peaceful experience!

Shannon Plummer

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