Private Dining FAQ’s

The High-Hand Cafe offers a unique private dining experience on weekends for brunch as well as on weekdays for lunch. Please click through many of the questions our customers have inquired about when booking their visit.

I booked a Private Garden Dining Event now what?

Most of the work is done but we will reach out to the week of your event to get your guest count and menu selection. If you have additional questions not answered below please give us a call in the cafe.

Where is the Private Garden Dining Room?

It is a semi-private outdoor space adjacent to the cafe patio seating.

Is the space covered?

While there is technically a sunshade over the Private Garden Dining Room we do consider it an uncovered location. We have hanging plant baskets and umbrella’s to provide shade.

How many people can sit at the same table?

The main table is a rustic farmhouse table that will seat up to 32 guests. If your guest count is 33-40 guests, we will use a second smaller table that is parallel to the main table and will seat up to 8 guests.

What are the dimensions of the farmhouse table?

The table is 24 feet long by 4 feet wide.

What are the dimensions of the smaller table?

The smaller table is 6 feet long by 30 inches wide. This table is usually available for gifts, desserts, etc… but if your guest count is 33-40 guests we will use this table for seating.

What is on the table when we arrive?

Plates, silverware, paper napkins, menus, and water glasses.

How can we decorate?

We just ask that you be mindful of our other guests dining nearby. This means nothing obscene/inappropriate that would negatively impact the experience of others. Nothing that covers/blocks the windows of the greenhouse and prevent our dining guests from viewing the nursery. No glitter, confetti, or wax based candle (unless fully contained to prevent dripping onto the table).

We dissuade from tablecloths but runners are encouraged if you want to add some color. The space is surrounded by foliage but many guests bring flower arrangements for the center of the table.

How does the menu selection work?

On weekdays the host will choose between the Farmstead Lunch or Saison Lunch options. On the weekend the host will choose between the Farmstead Brunch or Saison Brunch menus. Your guests will be presented with all items from the selected menu on serving platters in the center of the table (family style). We will call you for menu selection the week of your event.

What about dietary restrictions/substitutions?

We do not offer substitutions to the menu but we can accommodate dietary restrictions of individual guests. Please let us know ahead of time if special accommodations need to be arranged.

What time can I be there to set up?

Generally you are able to setup 15 minutes before the start of your party. The 10:00am party on the weekends and 12:00 pm party on the weekdays have a little more time to setup since those are the first parties of the day.

Can we have our own music?

No. We have music playing through the nursery and cafe.

How long do I have the space for?

Your event is exactly 2.5 hours in length. This is strictly enforced for the 10:00am parties since we need to flip the room and have it ready for the 1:00pm party by 12:45pm.

Is the $200 event fee refundable?

No it is not. We charge $200 to book the room plus $35 per person plus tax and gratuity. Please make sure you are ok with the menu selections and are certain about the date because once you book the space it removes the inventory for other guests who may be interested in the same time slot.

What happens if it rains?

We have a few options in the event of rain. We can move you to an outdoor covered location, reschedule to an available day, or cancel the event.

The alternative location is the default choice but there are extra imitations to the party size. This covered location can only seat 32 guests so if you have 33-40 guests and are concerned about rain this should be considered before booking.

What about temperature?

It is an outdoor space so please encourage your guests to dress weather appropriate. While we do have heaters in the winter and fans in the summer, they can only do so much. Temperature has never been a problem we couldn’t overcome but of course a 75 degree day is going to be more enjoyable than a 110 degree day, so please be tolerant of weather related issues.

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