How did we get here?

Every cause starts with an event. This is the first event ever that has polarized the entire world at the same time. When a crisis shows up, the best of humanity shows up. We can’t necessarily control what goes on in the world. As individuals we really don’t have much control over the events in our country as a whole. As individuals we can’t influence what goes on in our own state necessarily, but what we can do is influence our communities. That’s where I choose to focus my energy — in our communities, where we have the most impact. So, how did we get here? It’s amazing to watch humanity fill the needs in an ever changing environment.

Hydrangea’s for Heroes – How it started?

  • A guy sitting in his office one Friday had an idea.
  • That ideas was “Hydrangeas for Heroes.” (He liked the rhyme to it.)
  • Decision made — “Ok, fine let’s go!”
  • He worked the weekend to find budded & blooming 8 inch Hydrangeas.
  • On a Monday, he made the call to lock in 2,000 hydrangeas.
  • Monday afternoon… yikes! How do we do this? (panic set in)
  • A call went out to sponsors. (They showed up!)
  • He started calling hospitals & convalescence homes to create a protocol on how to distribute.
  • Packaging was created.
  • More panic! How to keep them watered, how to put on 2,000 stickers, and how to tie 2,000 bows in short order?
  • More panic! How much ribbon is this going to take and how to design a sticker with a meaningful message? (All while holding a watering wand.)
  • Even more panic! Where to find “sticker stickers” — a person who applies a sticker to a pot, (noun), “bow makers,” and “bow stickers” — people who stick bows onto pots, (noun)?
  • Boat loads of panic. How to deliver, swiftly, efficiently, and effectively?

Within a couple days the dust settled. In front of us stood all of you. Amazing! Everybody at High-Hand is grateful. An idea can be born, but in this case the execution of that idea was all of you answering the call to action. An email went out last Wednesday asking for volunteers and within a couple of days we had received hundreds of responses. “I can do bows!”, “I’ll do stickers!”, “We can help load vehicles”, “I would like to be a driver.”We want to personally say that we are very grateful. You are our heroes.

Look what you Accomplished

This is what 1,200 Hydrangeas look like, delivery #1.

You accomplished this in less than 72 hours.

Bow stickers & sticker stickers in action.

Loaders loaded & drivers drove.

Heroes received.

You accomplished this. Your eagerness and your willingness to get involved was not only heart-warming, but also inspiring. For all of you that sent in emails volunteering time and your resources, we are grateful. We were not able to contact all of you. For those we couldn’t respond to, your emails validated everything we always knew about the communities we live in. For all the donors, bow makers, sticker stickers, bow stickers, and drivers — this certainly would not have happened without you. Over the last six weeks a lot in our world has been canceled. Thank you for proving that love wasn’t canceled.

Changes at High-Hand this Week

  • We are expanding our hours this week, the Nursery will be open Wednesday thru Saturday 9:00am-5pm and Sunday 9am-4pm.
  • The Cafe will be open for curbside take-out Thursday & Friday from 11am-3pm, and Saturday & Sunday from 10am-3pm (for brunch curbside, finally!).

Lunch & Brunch Curbside Pick-Up!

Here’s how the High-Hand Curbside Marketplace works:

  1. Click here to order online or visit our website and click on the banner seen above.
  2. Select a time for pick up. We are open for curbside pickup Thursday & Friday 11:00–3:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 10:00–3:00pm.
  3. Now here’s the tricky part, toggle our menu options at the top. The menu options are listed as Restaurant, Grocery, Coffee Bar, Beverages, Nursery, and don’t forget the Olive Oil Company.
  4. Make your selections then head to check out and pay online. We will have your order ready at your scheduled time in the Cafe parking lot.

This has been a long road traveled in a very short period of time. We have all been under a lot of stress and dealing with the unknown is generally not something we are comfortable with. I feel like a snail slowly coming out of my shell and like the mighty snail, we will get there slowly but surely. This weekend raise a glass to the volunteers, the community, and the heroes all around us.

Have a relaxing Mother’s Day and hope to see you soon,


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