Stop, start, stop and start again. Welcome to Spring, 2018.

It was just the other day. If you were in the path of the earth when it was upside down and dumped its ocean on your head, then you know the storm I am talking about. This storm came booming through and overwhelmed everything. But like most Spring storms, something amazing happened just twenty minutes later.

The sun came out.

Twenty minutes after the ocean dumped on our heads, the sun arrived. With it came the chirps of the birds and the bees trying to find their way home after hunkering down among flowers.

During that week of rain, I watched the trees at Maple Rock trying to bloom. Stop, start, stop and start again. The next day came the blooms.

A grand old cherry tree at Maple Rock Gardens. When the petals start coming off, it looks like snow on the ground.

And just the next day, as Mother Nature does in her perfect world, life came.

Butterflies miraculously appeared and drank nectar from the freshly opened flowers. This is a testament to Nature’s power and graceful beauty.

Spring has sprung. Announcing Bloomtastic 2018.

Join us for this garden treat and jewel in the foothills Mother’s Day weekend. Parking is free. Tickets can be purchased at High-Hand Nursery or by clicking here to purchase your tickets.

Every year I always wonder if the peony garden will be in bloom during Bloomtastic. We always seem to miss it. This year, I’m hopeful and I will do everything in my power to slow down their growth. Not really. That would be silly if I had that kind of power. There’s probably other things I’d be doing than worrying about the peonies.

But, I noticed that they were emerging behind schedule and with roughly six weeks to go, it might just come down to the photo finish. So, join us at Bloomtastic. Flowers, trains, music, food and, yes, cocktails if you wish. It’s the perfect beginning to a perfect Mother’s Day weekend.

Are you wondering about other Maple Rock events this year? Here’s what’s in the works.

  • June | Lavender pop-up. Why do we say pop-up? We have to wait for Mother Nature to tell us when to have it.
  • July | Sunflower U-pick. Yes, it will be a pop-up as well based on Mother Nature’s schedule.
  • August | Melons in the field.
  • September | Train days will come back. There will be flowers to pick and perhaps even tomatoes you can harvest. Fun, isn’t it?
  • October | Harvest Day. U-pick pumpkins and I’m sure a few other surprises.

Farmer Ryan will be working hard to achieve all of this. Good luck, Farmer Ryan. I hope Nature smiles upon you.

Boom, boom and boom. There’s more.

April 7th at High-Hand Mercantile.

Join crazy Dori for a day of creativity and fun. She will tell you the tips and tricks for creating coolness with our chalk paint. To learn more click here.

Check this out. I brought this container from Maple Rock and it sat out back for a bit. Before I could figure out what to do with it, Dori got ahold of it.




Good job, Dori. Visit Dori at High-Hand Mercantile to turn ordinary things around your home into extraordinary things.

April 7th & 8th, join us for Art Fest 2018.

Join High-Hand Art Gallery and step into the world and rich diversity of the arts. Artist demonstrations, classes and live music. Don’t miss Art Fest 2018.

Well, the cat is still sleeping. The sun’s been out, the trees are blooming and the butterflies are buzzing. I thought for sure Petunia outwitted Punxsutawney Phil. She was right about the return of Winter, but, as cats do, she’s basically ignoring Spring. She woke up, yawned, ate some food, pooped in her cat box and went back to the perch for more sleep. Petunia, I’m looking forward to your next predictions and watching with anticipation.

Thanks, oh wise Petunia.

With the ocean dumping on our heads, the masters at High-Hand didn’t stop growing.

With baskets hanging overhead and the next wave of color growing, I would encourage you to visit our greenhouse. You will see what’s coming up next and what’s new. There’s always something fresh. Always something new.

Always fresh. Always new. This is lupine. This cold hardy perennial will bloom through June. Outside of that, it’s new to us so we don’t know what it does beyond that, but being the gardeners that we are, we don’t care. So far, it lives up to its billing. Easy to grow, easy to bloom, and comes back next year.

Boom, boom and boom.

See you at High-Hand Nursery. Something always new. Something always fresh.


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