I’m always astonished at the metamorphosis of nature. Nature is power. Nature is grace. As we go through our busy lives, day to day, month to month, year to year, do you remember? Do you stop to recognize the new beginnings and healing that nature’s spring brings us?

After a long winter spring has arrived to bless us with her grace, the apple blossoms of the Fuji Apple trees at Maple Rock are a hint of things to come.

Maple Rock Gardens Come Celebrate with Us

This time of year is a very special time at Maple Rock, our gardens come alive, our Peony’s bloom, and their flowers grace us with their smiles.

Join us Saturday May 11th, Mother’s Day weekend, and celebrate Mother Nature at Maple Rock’s Bloomtastic. Lunch will be available. Stroll the garden, listen to live music and enjoy your favorite glass of wine. Simply breathe and enjoy. Click here to buy tickets. Parking is free.

One can say that it is hard to find nature here amidst all the devastation. The healing process in Paradise has been agonizingly slow and painful. On my trip last Sunday it was easy to forget that Spring had arrived in Paradise.

We are still helping people who are living in cars, we are still helping people with individual needs. As individuals heal, there are very subtle signs that the healing in Paradise and Magalia is occurring. I had to look beyond the loss to find Nature’s grace. I am astonished with Nature’s ability to start over and wash away the devastation.

The fire burned so intensely that it twisted and melted steel. But it could not prevent Nature from reclaiming what was Hers.

The fire melted glass but could not stop the power of the Peony’s from coming back.

I’m always astonished at a Rose’s ability to survive.

Life is coming back slowly, simple little signs. Nature is showing us a glimpse into her resilience.

So What’s Next?

We’re going to open a nursery “High-Hand Magalia”. You may think I’m crazy but I’m not. I have a burning desire to try to do my part in bringing back normal. Were going to open up a nursery to employ people and provide sunshine and happiness and lift spirits in a region that is devastated. A portion of the profits will be given to support our ongoing work. The support we have received from all of you has been awe inspiring. I want to do more. So I hope we can create a few jobs and a revenue source for ongoing needs. Maybe I can get some of you to go to High-Hand Magalia and visit the nursery for yourself. I’ll let you know when we open. I’m not sure it will work, but it’s the only way to start the process of recovery.

At High-Hand Spring has arrived. Our fruit trees are blooming and peony are pushing. Join us for Bloomtastic Saturday May 11th. It’ll be a day not soon forgotten.

I’ll keep you posted about High-Hand Magalia and the new beginnings there.

See you at High-Hand Nursery,


How can you help out those impacted by the Camp Fire?

You have helped out so much! Here is what’s needed – Visa Gift Cards and cash. Gift cards and cash can be delivered directly to the nursery or sent to us by mail. Our address is:

Attn: Nichole
High-Hand Nursery
P.O. Box 2280
Loomis, CA 95650

You can also call us and give us a credit card over the phone. Our number is 916-652-2065. We will turn all checks and credit card transactions into cash.

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