True story. High-Hand is having a garage sale this Saturday, October 13th. Most garage sales are made up of 5 cent tables, 25 cent tables, dollar tables and so on. Our garage sale at High-Hand is just a little different.

We’re expanding and I need the space so that I can build a new shade structure. Occupying that space are numerous fruit trees. Some fruit trees are completely awesome and some fruit trees need a tad bit of love. Nectarines, peaches, raspberries, even a few pines, miscellaneous shrubs and other various whatnots and whatyeses.

We’ve decided to break the mold of your traditional garage sale. In true High-Hand spirit, we’re going to let you name your own price. Have you ever known anybody to let you name your own price. At High-Hand Nursery, you can.

There are rules.

The first rule is that you must seek out the red flags. They are here and there throughout the nursery. Once you have spotted your red flag, wait patiently for Adrian to come and arm wrestle with you.

These are the red flags you’re looking for. Once you’ve spotted a red flag, you can name your own price and if we think it’s too low, we will name our own price. Yup. It’s a two way street. Also, if your price is too high, we’ll tell you. We’ve been known to lower it.

The last rule is you must take your items on Saturday. We can offer delivery if you wish. The price of delivery is based on your area. And we can also install your trees or shrubs for you. Fees are based on sizes.

Bring your happy face. No elbow throwing. No pushing, tackling. No eye gouging. Just bring your happy face and have fun.

Boy, that’s a lot of rules for a Name Your Own Price sale.

They say that the secret to a successful garage sale could be snacks and refreshments. Nothing puts you in a better mood than a cocktail. So, after you’re done with a successful negotiation, celebrate at High-Hand Cafe. A celebratory meal and a spirit is a good way to cap it off.

With the arrival of fall comes the arrival of pumpkins. We are a smidge late with our pumpkin offerings. Nobody’s fault. Just a summer water glitch at Maple Rock Farms. It even happens to us.

Thanks, Farmer Ryan for hanging in there. Thank you for working through the water glitch and thanks for bringing the pumpkins.

We have cool pumpkins and we have really fun pumpkins and some really weird pumpkins. Of course, we have the perfect pumpkin for carving.

I remember as a kid reaching into the pumpkin to peel out the seeds and the slime. I loved smushing it through my fingers as they popped out all over the place. My favorite part about carving a pumpkin was the pumpkin seeds my mom made in the oven. I can still remember to this day the smell of a burning pumpkin when Dad did the man thing and put too big a flame inside. What fun.

We hope you don’t catch your pumpkins on fire, but I would highly recommend gushing the pumpkin seeds in your hands. It’s kind of therapeutic.

Our humble pumpkin patch is out in front of High-Hand Cafe. Come get them while you can.

Looking for a fall Pumpkulent to go with your fall colored tree? Then sign up for Dory’s Pumpkulent class.

I had no idea that a Pumpkulent was a holiday centerpiece. I had no idea what turducken was either. It’s a chicken crammed in a duck, crammed in a turkey. Why would you want a turducken as your centerpiece when you can have a Pumpkulent.

Enjoy the Autumn season by creating a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table. We supply everything you need including treats and mimosas. Class is $65 plus tax. Sign up for one of the following classes:

Three great dates to choose from:

Click here to sign up for Saturday, October 13th, 2018, between 10 and 12.

Click here to sign up for Saturday October 27th, 2018, between 10 and 12.

Click here to sign up for Saturday November 3rd, 2018, between 10 and 12.

Or sign up by checking out our classes and workshop page. Seats are filling up fast. Don’t hesitate to sign up for a Pumpkulent.

Let’s recap the Name Your Own Price rules. This is Adrian. This is Adrian holding a red flag. Find the red flag. Locate Adrian. Negotiate, then celebrate with snacks and refreshments from High-Hand Cafe. Not a bad day.

Don’t forget to visit High-Hand Olive Oil Company and the other shops in the sheds. And yes, buy one of Farmer Ryan’s pumpkins. Why not? ‘Tis the season.

See you at High-Hand Nursery.



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