Remember this picture? I posted this a while back. Thirty percent off and it wasn’t even Halloween. And now, here we are the day before Thanksgiving. This is the time of year I find myself prioritizing what I do in my garden at home. All the shopping, cooking, hosting the relatives I’ve not seen in years and have nothing in common with besides the blood line that connects us from generations past. I should be out working in my yard. Raking, cleaning, trimming, sprucing. Instead, I’m worried.

At High-Hand we are fast approaching our tree lighting ceremony, December 2nd.

The crew is feverishly swapping electrical cords out and ways to find more amperage. It’s a Griswold Christmas.

Talk about pressure. I’m not even thinking about the rain and weather and what that will do to plugs and plug sockets scattered about.

I can’t bag too much on the department stores for starting Christmas early. We started plotting Christmas lighting of the nursery in September. We started in our basement, out of sight and out of mind, because we don’t want to stress you out. Now, I’m not trying to be a Bah Humbug here, truly I’m not, but hearing Christmas music too early in the year puts me in panic mode. The constant drumbeat of Christmas music from store to store to store is getting to the point where I can’t even recognize it as Christmas music. It puts me in an “Oh my gosh, I have a lot to get done” mode. I have to shop, cook, I have to cater to family, charge up my credit cards, shop some more.

It seems like Christmas holidays are starting earlier and earlier. Why not? Let’s start in April! Let’s add it to our Spring cleaning list. Out with the old to make room for all of our new Christmas decor we can purchase in September and that won’t stop until the Christmas commercials run their course in February. That means we only have two months between February and April, and then we can start on Christmas. Yay!

So, I propose this. Let’s ease into Christmas. At High-Hand Nursery, the Christmas CD’s don’t go in our system until after Thanksgiving. How’s that?

Join us for a quiet Victorian Christmas, December 2nd.

Join us Saturday and Sunday, December 2 and 3, to stroll, shop, eat and drink. At 6:00 p.m., we will cross our fingers and flip the switch and the nursery will come alive. Don’t miss out on a fun evening at High-Hand Nursery.

You want to create something Christmas cool? Create a unique rustic wood stocking to decorate your front door or mantle for the holiday season. The large recycled wood stocking will be ready for you to paint with a variety of holiday stencils, and to top off with a fresh green swag. All of the materials needed to create your masterpiece is included, as well as hot toddies and treats. Reserve your space now for High-Hand Mercantile’s Rustic Wood Stocking Class:

For Saturday December 9th, click here to sign up.

For Sunday December 10th, click here to sign up.

Seating is very limited, so don’t wait to reserve a seat to learn how to build a festive rustic wooden stocking.

A quiet Christmas at High-Hand Nursery would not be possible without our lighting crew. They’ve been working since September. Adrian, Maria, Olivia, Jesus and Rafael, thanks.

Looking for a unique holiday gift? Join us at High-Hand Nursery.

Wishing you Happy Holidays.

Scott and the High-Hand family

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