Spring has sprung and with the springing of Spring brings with it High-Hand’s annual Bloomtastic at Maple Rock Gardens.

Have you ever been to Maple Rock? No? Silly rabbit. You need to go. Here’s what you’ll miss if you don’t.

You’ll miss gorgeous Japanese Maples.

You’ll miss a stroll through the Japanese Garden.

You’ll miss gorgeous views.

You actually will miss the lavender, even if you come.

Why? It won’t be in bloom. But fear not, we will have a lavender pop-up event when Nature allows us to.

Regardless if you come or not, you will miss the sunset.

Sorry. Bloomtastic is from 9am to 3pm. The sunset is roughly 8pm. You can do the math. So sorry.

Join us May 12th, Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day. Stroll through the gardens, enjoy a glass of wine or a morning mimosa. High-Hand Cafe will be providing lunch for you to purchase and picnic. Bring a blanket and sit under the apple trees. Live music will be playing, the trains will be going and, did I mention, parking is free? (Super duper, free parking.)

Tickets can be purchased at High-Hand Nursery or online by clicking here.

Nature is always in control. I think by now we’ve figured that out. And Nature controls Bloomtastic. It’s her show. She keeps us on our toes every year.

Bloomtastic. Don’t miss it. We’ll see you May 12th, 9am to 3pm.

What’s coming to Maple Rock after Bloomtastic, you ask? Here’s a few things we’re noodling over. Actually, we can noodle all we want. We’re just waiting for Mother Nature to tell us when all these things will happen. There will be announcements via our email newsletter. If you need to sign up, you can do so by clicking here.

  • June | Lavender pop-up. Why do we say pop-up? We have to wait for Mother Nature to tell us when to have it.
  • July | Sunflower U-pick. Yes, it will be a pop-up as well based on Mother Nature’s schedule.
  • August | Melons in the field.
  • September | Train days will come back. There will be flowers to pick and perhaps even tomatoes you can harvest. Fun, isn’t it?
  • October | Harvest Day. U-pick pumpkins and I’m sure a few other surprises.

Can’t wait for Bloomtastic? Come to High-Hand this Saturday and Sunday.

Art Fest 2018 has arrived this weekend.

Join High Hand Art Gallery and step into the world and rich diversity of the arts. Artist demonstrations, classes and live music. Don’t miss Art Fest 2018.

Spring has sprung at High-Hand Nursery.

Did you know that we grow right here in our High-Hand greenhouse unique plants and flowers? I didn’t stage this picture. This is a real lady filling up a real nursery cart with extraordinary High-Hand flowers.

See you at High-Hand Nursery this weekend. Make sure you don’t miss out on the best that High-Hand has to offer.

(Garden on, Garth)


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