Holiday shopping. Oh man. I haven’t even begun to think about it. Partially because I won’t even be here for Christmas. I’ll be overseas visiting my daughter, Tara. I do have some shopping to do, nevertheless, but the thought of it gives me a mind bleed. Have you ever given that gift to somebody that you thought was the perfect gift only to have their joy of expression be attached to the fact that you left the receipt in the box so that it could be returned? I have.

Well, mind bleed aside, let me help you out with holiday shopping at High-Hand. Let me start off by giving you 20% off. Here’s how it works.

Bring an unwrapped toy this Saturday and Sunday, December 9 and 10, 2017, to High-Hand Nursery and receive 20% off of your purchase. There you go.

With our 20% coupon in hand, now let’s go shopping. Here’s a bunch of unique gift ideas for the hard to shop for person in your life.

How about this for a gift idea? A bunch of butterflies made of metal.

The butterflies actually make up a heart shaped wall sculpture. Butterflies freak you out?

How about a Ford truck?

Who doesn’t want a Ford truck packed with beer? This truck is a beverage cooler. Don’t like Fords? Fine.

How about a Woody?

This Woody is a beverage cooler as well. Super cool, right?

How about a pink flamingo?

All the years at High-Hand I have stayed away from buying pink flamingos. But, this is not your ordinary pink flamingo. It’s a pink flamingo/ice bucket.

Who says pigs don’t fly?

Well, they don’t. Especially if they’re made of metal. But if you know someone who has a flying pig on their Christmas wish list, High-Hand has it.

These gift ideas too rustic? Fine. How about some magic mushrooms?

Don’t have a green thumb? I have the perfect solution.

Glass flowers. Can’t kill those.

And then there’s simple and classic.

Everybody loves succulents.

Looking for yard art? We have that too.

Birdhouses for the birds.

A bicycle for your rabbits.

Can’t convince someone in your life to work in the garden? Fine. We have the perfect solution. Buy them a shovel they can’t use.

Gift wrap this as it is. They’ll be panicked thinking you just bought them a shovel for Christmas. They’ll be pleasantly surprise to realize you’re not dropping a hint.

Or, when all else fails.

How about a cat and a lotus frog?

High-Hand has many shops. You can click on our website and shop the sheds to learn more. Handcrafted jewelry, a unique art gallery, a handcrafted Persian rug for under your tree, handcrafted clothing and handcrafted gifts.

Obviously, we like any word with the word “hand” in it.

Now the big announcement. Whoa! High-Hand’s new baby was born early this morning.

Born December 7, 2017, at 1:58 a.m., weighing in at 1.75 gigabytes, the High-Hand Marketplace was born. Now, I realize that the announcement says December 7, 2006. I can explain. You see, the gestation period for a baby elephant is forever. The gestation period for a High-Hand Marketplace is actually 12 years. This baby came early and that is good news for you. If you’re sitting on the couch right now, mobile device in hand, trying to noodle it out as to what to buy for a hard to buy for person in your life, here you go.

Taking a play out of the Santa Claus Amazon playbook, the High-Hand Olive Oil Company is now online.

You shop. We ship. Everybody likes olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You won’t go wrong. We are extremely excited to offer this new store to you.

You shop, we ship. Click here to go see what all the fuss is about.

Don’t forget your unwrapped toy for 20% off this weekend. Explore High-Hand today. I’ve only scratched the surface of High-Hand’s shopping ideas.

Happy Holidays.


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