Thanksgiving is tomorrow. For some reason, I’m kind of numb to the thought of it. Having traveled north many times, I guess my perspective is just a little bit different right now. Being grateful means a whole lot more than I ever thought it did.

We say we are grateful at Thanksgiving. Sometimes I think we throw it out casually for the occasion. Sit at your Thanksgiving table tomorrow. Take a deep breath and pause. Take a moment and think about what you’re truly grateful for and what is most important. Hug the loved ones around you. Life can change in just a single moment and alter the landscape forever.

Take a moment to think about the people affected by the fires. They are in shelters, in tents, in cars. They are trying to think about long term life and the quality of life that lies ahead with no true direction.

Tomorrow while you’re sitting at the Thanksgiving table in a warm home surrounded by family, keep our neighbors to the north close to your heart. Let the thoughts of them wash away your anxiety and any stress that you may have.

I have bad days. Every time I hear a siren on one of those days, I always think to myself, “My day is not so bad after all.”

Let the thoughts of those affected by the fires recalibrate your perspective on what is important in life. Look at your family and your loved ones and then look at your home and ask yourself how much more do you need.

We are blessed.

A lot of people have said “thank you” to us. I am thankful for you. None of this would happen without you. As I hand out your gifts of love, I don’t linger too much. So many people need to be attended to. I move on as fast as I can as daylight disappears. There’s not much to say. I simply say, “Here’s a gift for you.”

That is usually met with tears, shock, disbelief or a smile.

Occasionally I do look back. I see one of you every time I look back. I wish you could see the impact of your gifts. I have a few pictures. I just choose not to publish them.

Today, we sent the truck up with new items, turkeys, medical supplies, masks, gloves, bleach. I am getting texts from nurses on the front line asking for items that are beyond what they can provide for specific individuals in need. Your gifts have helped so many families.

You have to understand that when you have nothing, a $100 gift allows you to take a step forward from a position of despair. Your gift creates a crack in the universe where the sun shines through.

We will travel up there three times more this week. We will go where the meals are served. We will go to the shelters. We will find the tents and we will continue to supply whatever is needed.

There are so many people up there doing great work. It is so heartwarming to see humanity at its best.

I find myself unable to think about Christmas. My thoughts are paralyzed on all the people I’ve come across. We have our annual tree lighting on December 1st. I feel silly even bringing it up. But this year we dedicate it to the victims and the souls lost in the California fires. If you are coming to the tree lighting, please remember them. A gift card or cash would be greatly appreciated. I promise you it will go straight into the hands of those in need.

I look forward to the week ahead in continuing your efforts to help those in need. We have been able to stage a second semi-truck load of hay and feed to be distributed in the fire zone. We would like to stage a third. As winter comes upon us, its only going to get worse. We are 4 months away from Spring. The animals cannot be forgotten.

Be grateful this Thanksgiving.

Wishing you and your family the very best.


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