The holiday season is the one season that brings up my childhood memories the most. It’s about family, giving, recognizing those around us and simply being grateful. At High-Hand Nursery, each day is a new day of Fall color as the nursery transitions into Winter.

Screech! Record scratch. Man, did it just get cold quick. I’m still looking for my jackets. The trees are trying to change as fast as they can and I’ve noticed the squirrel at High-Hand Nursery is in overdrive trying to hide its nuts. Can I say that? I think I can. It’s an email.

Anyway, do you know what I miss? One of the indicators of the transition into Fall and the holiday season for that matter, is the first smell of somebody’s wood burning fireplace. There’s something earthy and comforting about a wood burning fireplace. But I’m not smelling it this year. I guess the gas fired inserts have won over. Bummer. I’m grateful to live in a home where I can still have a fire.

High-Hand Nursery is in perpetual motion. Fall is about Spring and Spring is about Summer. That’s how we think of it here. In between, is Winter and Summer. I don’t think much about Winter and Summer. I just know that if I can get through Winter, Spring is on its way. If I can survive Summer, I know Fall is coming.

But a couple things have been happening around here during the summer months. You can say that Santa’s workshop at High-Hand has been in full production throughout the summer in preparation for the High-Hand Nursery holiday.

The elves have been pounding out our metal deer planters in anticipation for, yes you’ve got it, being planted. We can’t seem to stop the yearly migration of the metal deer. It’s something that occurs in nature as they always seem to show up at High-Hand during the holiday season. The metal deer have invaded our greenhouse.

As Fall gives away to Winter, High-Hand Nursery does not stop growing.

As you stroll High-Hand fruit sheds for the perfect holiday find, take a moment and walk through our greenhouse. The greenhouse starts filling up with the plants of Spring. Like I said, Fall gives way to Spring here at High-Hand. Take a moment and pause and breathe in the smell of earth. Ever wonder what earth smells like? Visit the High-Hand greenhouse. Thanks, Santa Lyn.

Besides the smell of a fireplace in the air and the smell of earth in a greenhouse, the yearly migration of geese have come to Maple Rock Gardens for their geese wash. Every year, the geese come by the hundreds and walk through the sprinklers to get ready for their flight south. Rinsing off the summer dirt for maximum lift.

High-Hand Nursery’s gift shop is full. Thanks, Santa Dawnel. Discover the fruits of a year’s worth of finds. It’s not your traditional gift shop. It’s full of unique, handcrafted artisan gifts. The gift shop is truly a must see at High-Hand.

There are many stores and shops at High-Hand Nursery, from handcrafted to repurposed, to one of a kind. Click here to visit and explore the sheds and the shops within.

Santa Claus has become quite savvy when it comes to the internet. There is some conspiracists out there who say Santa Claus is Amazon, because St. Nick is finding it increasingly difficult to travel the world with his reindeer due to local codes and government regulation. I think Santa Claus is actually Amazon. With the polar caps melting, he’s decided to move to the equator. Smart man, Santa Claus.

We have our own Santa Claus at High-Hand.

We, at High-Hand Olive Oil Company are about to roll out our secret holiday gift weapon. Taking a play book out of Santa Claus’ Amazon play book, we are going online with the olive oil store. Don’t be sad. You can still come in and taste all you want for free.

As we put the final touches on our virtual olive oil store, we are very excited about this new adventure. We can ship you your selections lickety split. We will let you know when it is up and running. Just waiting for the final word from Santa Shaun. Thanks, Santa Shaun.

We Flip The Switch

Stroll, shop, eat and drink. Saturday, December 2nd, 10am to 8:30pm, join us for a Victorian holiday. Artists and crafters from around the region will be joining us in the High-Hand fruit sheds.

At 6pm we flip the switch. Our annual tree lighting ceremony will illuminate the nursery.

Dinner will be served in the cafe. I am told that our reservation book is quite full. Don’t be afraid to stop by and ask, however, as things always change.

Dinner will also be served on the following dates:

Friday and Saturday, 8th & 9th.
Friday and Saturday, 15th & 16th
Friday and Saturday, 22 & 23rd

Call High-Hand Cafe for dinner reservations on these special holiday nights. For reservations call (916) 652-2064. You’ll be greeted by Nichole. She’ll tell you to press Extension 2.

There you go. A holiday at High-Hand Nursery.

Stay tuned. There’s more to come.

See you at High-Hand Nursery.


P.S. Don’t forget about our Guess the Weight of our Big Pumpkin contest. The contest will be over when the pumpkin rots. Kind of fun, huh?

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