I never thought I would become one, but yes, it’s true. I’m a mummer. You may ask what a mummer is. Well, the obvious answer is the expression used by William Shakespeare in Henry VI, Part 2. You know the play. We all do. Probably read it several times, haven’t you? Around High Hand this time of year, mums the word. Now, I’m not talking about keeping quiet and saying nothing. Don’t seal up your lips and give no words but mum. ( Henry VI, Part, Act 1, Scene 2) I even looked up the meaning of “mums the word”. One source said it means to simply shut up and say nothing. I kind of thought that was funny. Now, I’m a mummer. So, I implore all of you to resist the true meaning of “mums the word” and become a mummer like me.

We have been growing chrysanthemums at the High Hand greenhouse for years. I think the chrysanthemum is stereotyped as a flower you might pick up at the grocery store on your way to a funeral or the hospital. But, take heart. For the fall garden offers all of these flowers in just one plant. The mum is the diva of the autumn garden. With blooms lasting weeks, not days and the sheer number of flowers per plant will convince you that this flower really loves to show off. Add the mums impressionistic abilities to its longevity and you have a plant that can pull its weight in the garden.

Don’t Forget to Deadhead Your Mums


Don’t be fooled by the annual mums you get at the grocery store. High Hand Grown mums can survive the coldest of winters and a single plant will create a fabulous fall for years to come.


So, become a mummer with me and check out our mums!

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