Life is always in transition. My daughter Tara finished her Master’s from Glasgow University in September. It’s kind of a bittersweet thing for me. For those of you who have nurtured children through their college, I think you would agree that that experience can be just as powerful as bringing Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy into your life again when a newborn comes around.

Tara, think about all the possibilities in front of you. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Thank you for the incredible journey you have allowed me to be a part of. I love you, Tara. I just wanted the world to know that.

Welcome home, Tara

Transitions, transitions, transitions. We will never escape them.

Autumn is a time of transition for nature. Every September the process starts and quietly rolls along to be taken over by Winter.

I found a way to escape Autumn in September, October and November. Did you know that if you want to escape this transition you actually can? If you want to switch it up, switch it up. You can have Christmas in the summer time. You can be cold in July, experience beautiful spring blooms in October and autumn in April. How would you do this? Travel to the Southern Hemisphere. It makes perfect sense that it would be opposite. After all, toilets do flush backwards in Australia.

At High-Hand, Autumn is a magical time. Nothing goes backwards here. Always forward. Ever changing. Visit the nursery often. The trees are changing daily. We just received an entire semi truck load of Japanese maples and other great plants for Fall planting. Come to High-Hand to check it out. It’s a great time around here.

Need to be enticed a little more to come to High-Hand Nursery?

Years ago a Western apparel store was going out of business. Everybody flocked to buy things at 50-75% off. The funny thing was they were going out of business for six months, the shelves never emptied and new items showed up daily. Then, after the going out of business sale was over, they had a grand reopening.

Well, we’re going to have a garage sale again. This Friday and Saturday, look for the red flags and name your own price. We’re not doing this because we went out and bought a lot of cheap stuff and filled up the space again. We’re going to roll it one more time because we like you. We’re going to roll the garage sale one more time. After we deforested things there are still some great finds to be had. Roll on in Friday, the 19th and Saturday, the 20th and look for Adrian.

Now, if you don’t remember the rules of last week’s Name Your Own Price Sale, find last week’s email on our website to refresh.

A great holiday centerpiece for your table

Looking for a fall Pumpkulent to go with your fall colored tree? Then sign up for Dory’s Pumpkulent class.

I had no idea that a Pumpkulent was a holiday centerpiece. I had no idea what turducken was either. It’s a chicken crammed in a duck, crammed in a turkey. Why would you want a turducken as your centerpiece when you can have a Pumpkulent?

Happy Pumpkulent People

Enjoy the Autumn season by creating a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table. We supply everything you need including treats and mimosas. Class is $65 plus tax. Sign up for one of the following classes:

Two great dates to choose from:

Click here to sign up for Saturday October 27th, 2018, between 10 and 12.

Click here to sign up for Saturday November 3rd, 2018, between 10 and 12.

Or sign up by checking out our classes and workshop page. Seats are filling up fast. Don’t hesitate to sign up for a Pumpkulent.

If you’ve forgotten what Adrian looks like, here’s Adrian. Here’s Adrian holding a red flag.

Come to High-Hand Nursery this weekend. Have fun! Don’t forget to take home a pumpkin.

See you at High-Hand.



Yes, Christmas is around the corner. Yes, the stores already had Christmas stuff for sale back in September. So, it’s not even Halloween yet! They just can’t resist. I just have a mental hold up to shoving Christmas out there too fast, especially before Halloween.

So, you did not see the Christmas poster announcing our annual Christmas tree lighting.

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